Tax Structuring

We review your cryptocurrency activity and provide tax advice based on your specific situations. 

Are you in business? Are you a trader or investor? Are you staking? Arriving or leaving NZ with Cryptocurrency?

This may include:

  • Review your personal situation to determine what cryptocurrency ownership structure is best for you. We review any opportunities for a more efficient structure and outline the benefits and risks to you.
  • Analysis if you are a cryptocurrency trader or cryptocurrency holder and explain the tax differences and associated risks.
  • Review your token holdings and analysis the different tax treatment. For example, reviewing the tax treatments between holding a token to trade compared to holding the token to stake and receive future rewards.
  • Temporary foreign tax exemption review for transitional residents arriving into New Zealand holding cryptocurrency
  • Tax reviews if you are leaving New Zealand holding cryptocurrency
  • Review of tax implications based on hypothetical future situations. For example, review and explain the tax effects to you for: changing strategy from a trader to a holder, buying tokens to stake or receive rewards, transition to a company structure, and many others.