Tax Planning

While we cannot forecast cryptocurrency prices, we can monitor your portfolio value and activity against current market prices and calculate your tax liability.

This provides you with certainty of any upcoming tax payment amounts and their due dates. It ensures you are aware of risks should Inland Revenue late payment penalties (LPP) or use of money interest (UOMI) apply.

This service also includes strategies such as tax pooling to mitigate any Inland Revenue late payment penalties (LPP) and use of money interest (UOMI) if applicable.  LPP and UOMI may apply if you are already a provisional tax payer, or have residual income tax of more than $60k.

If you have historical tax returns that have not been filed, we can discuss these directly with you to ensure compliance and mitigation of any LPP and UOMI.

We can also negotiate payment arrangements on your behalf with Inland Revenue should you have any difficulties paying tax.