Our Services

Tax Planning

While we cannot forecast cryptocurrency prices, we can monitor your portfolio value and activity against current market prices and calculate your tax liability.

This provides you with certainty of any upcoming tax payment amounts and their due dates. It ensures you are aware of risks should Inland Revenue late payment penalties (LPP) or use of money interest (UOMI) apply.

Financial Statements & Tax Returns

We analyse your exchange and wallet records, prepare your financial statements, calculate your taxable income and file your tax return with Inland Revenue.

This process includes calculating your tax liability (or tax refund), monitoring any tax payments (including provisional tax payments) and managing all correspondence with Inland Revenue for you.

Tax Structuring

We review your cryptocurrency activity and provide tax advice based on your specific situations. 

Are you in business? Are you a trader or investor? Are you staking? Arriving or leaving NZ with Cryptocurrency?