Meet The Team

After large increases in cryptocurrency values during 2017, we have decided to build a service specifically tailored for the unique needs of cryptocurrency taxation. Yes, we can also help with all other accounting requirements too.

Luca Lamplough (LLB, BCom)

Luca is a Law and Economics graduate from The University of Otago and has been working for Evans Doyle as an independent contractor since February 2021.  Luca has a keen interest in Cryptocurrency and he is thrilled to be starting a career in this emerging asset class among like minded colleagues and clients.  Luca has a passion for education and learning and may attempt to orange-pill you at any moment. 

Tim Doyle – Director (CA)

Tim is a Director of Evans Doyle Limited and a Chartered Accountant. Tim first started investing in cryptocurrency in early 2017. Experiencing market fluctuations exposed Tim to significant changes in portfolio values and subsequent tax consequences. This has led Tim to become one of New Zealand’s leading cryptocurrency accountants.